Welcome to the PART project.

Hello, and welcome to the PART project.

PART is an acronym for Portfolio Analysis and Reporting Tool. Snazzy, eh? It has come up out of the need for something to manage my investments. There a lot of web tools out there, but none of them do exactly what I need them to do (e.g., handling currency conversions properly), and many of them require technologies that just don’t work on my old school Quad-G5 PowerMac.

To that end, I’ve decided to dust off my old programming text books, and jump back into some simple development. It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious coding, so this will be a very interesting exercise.

Here is a high-level roadmap:

  • Decide on language, install IDE on system.
  • Articulate high level (version 1.0) requirements
  • Build basic command shell
  • Build equity functionality
  • Build portfolio functionality
  • Build book functionality
  • Build stock-feed import functionality
  • Release beta to public

I’ve decided to code this in Java, for a number of reasons:

  1. Java, IMHO, is still the most portable language. Since I develop on both a PowerPC Mac and a Windows XP computer, I need something that works on both platforms with little effort. I considered Qt as well, but it has been ages since I programmed in C/C++. Java offers a great OO language with decent memory support; the last thing I need is to be tracking memory leaks in 3AM!
  2. I have lots of old Java code that I can reuse.
  3. It’s just easier, for me anyways!

For this first iteration, I’m going to go old school and make this a console based tool: read that as, it will use a command prompt. I’ll be designing it from the ground up to use a proper MVC pattern though, so the objects will be reusable. This means that once I get the general functionality fleshed out at the command prompt, I can start teaching myself some GUI skills for Java to build a shiny interface.

Anyways, stay tuned. Lets see if I can still pull a program out of my hat.

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