Year long update

After over a year I’ve finally started working on this again. Repository is up on , and I’ve rehashed the class diagram.

I’ve made a decision to develop this in C++ instead of Java. While this will pose a bit more of a learning curve as I bring myself up to speed with C++ again, I will also be able to leverage Qt again! This also means that I can port the UI components over to BB10 at a future date.

So…lots of fun with Eclipse, and trying to get everything running..

  • Downloaded Eclipse for C++ developers. It still astonishes me that Eclipse and Android use “names” for versions — e.g. the version of Eclipse I downloaded is Kepler. Do people not realize that this alphabet scheme is retarded, because not every country uses the same alphabet? But I digress..
  • Realized that Eclipse for Windows does not have a conventional installer; you just have to download, unzip, and away you go.
  • Realized that Windows does not have a native C++ compiler a la Mac OS X, so I had to dust off Cygin. Then started receiving the error, “unable to get setup.ini”, form Cygin. Found out that Cygwin has since updated their setup.exe file and there is now an explicit one for Windows 32. Note to the world: if Cygwin gives you issues installing, just download a new installer from
  • Who knew, but when you install C++ with Cygwin you don’t get the GNU Make application! Have to download that via Cygwin now too..
  • Eclipse has some weird auto-discovery options which are no longer editable (they have been depreciated in Kepler). Another perfect example of how too much automation is a bad thing, since I now cannot get rid of these useless warnings about unknown library paths.
  • All said and done, I finally compiled a Hello World app.

Anyhoo, with a new class diagram sketched out, I’m going to start building out the skeleton for this bad boy.

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